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If you can dream it, you can build it. That's what you can do with MineCraft: Pocket Edition - the fun game that allows you to build anything - anytime, anywhere.

Step into a unique, magical world where the possibilities are endless. Turn your mobile into a virtual construction site and use blocks to create wonderful masterpieces on the go. All this while you chat with friends in parks or any place you are. Explore bizarre worlds and build just about everything - from the humblest of homes to the grandest of castles.

There are two different modes to make the gameplay experience more exciting and fun. Play in creative mode and learn how to use unlimited resources to your advantage. In survival mode, mine deep into the world and craft weapons and armoury to stay protected from dangerous mobs.

Note: Samsung Galaxy Tab users; If you're having trouble running the game, you may need to update your Android system software version. *Xperia PLAY optimized*

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Wyatt Buckley avatar
Abdul Samad Latifi 1 day ago

Reply to Wyatt Buckley

is this now working pleade tell me

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Juan Enriquez avatar
mo33n ??? 2 days ago

Reply to Juan Enriquez

go lucky patcher on apptoide

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Mohamed Aiham avatar
Kiba Baki 2 days ago

Reply to Mohamed Aiham

I do step by step, but still, same story

Mohamed Aiham avatar
4 days ago

Reply to Mohamed Aiham

I've done everything, but the "Uninstall and Install" bit wasn't working! old help

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InfinityOffical avatar
Fabulousjaylalove 1 day ago

Reply to InfinityOffical

okay imma try to get it if it don't work something is wrong with my phone

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Denisha Wright avatar
jahs27 1 week ago

Reply to Denisha Wright

do the following download lucky patcher once it downloaded launch it then press Minecraft , press show menu of patches then press app download without license verification wait a while when finished process press browse then press uninstall and install done :)

Denisha Wright avatar
Kirov Zakari Dela Peña 1 week ago

Reply to Denisha Wright

Same. Problem here

Denisha Wright avatar
kimi rei constantine 1 week ago

Reply to Denisha Wright

Yeah, you right about that. But, you can play another minecraft, like minecraft trial.

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